Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Law of Difference

This is generally my last Fashion 101 post! (The next one is not counted!) What I feel right now? Mixed! Happy because I can lastly show you bigger pictures of mine and sad because no more advertisement of our clothes....maybe soon!

So now here I am again, procrastinating. Tomorrow is our SBAT and I don't have any plans to review. I am not complacent but I am just lazy. Anyway, summer is fanatically near and I can't wait to sleep all day and wait until I become at least 5'5!

So before telling you about the details of my clothes, let me just tell you that we had our school election today. The fight was interesting because both parties are competent and willing to win and help the school however, with regards to this, no ties.. (sad face)

Then the result was announced, big congratulations to the winners. Some of you might read this post so congratulations! (Dare to parteey?) Please do not ever ever get tired of helping the school and making the student government year noteworthy and agreeable!

My title? I almost forgot it but my title is very comprehensible. Everyone is different. We must not judge any person because we don't know them. Whatever we say, there are still pieces of them unannounced and left unspoken. They are thousands of reasons behind their attitudes and ways of life. We don't know them and we will never will. They have countless emotions, opinions, thoughts and et cetera et cetera. We can't help but accept the fact that only part of them is evident and visible. That's the law of difference! Everyone is different and we don't have the right to judge any person because we don't know them from A to Z. Agree?

My outfit is a plain two-colored dress; combination of black corset and turquoise mullet skirt. Sadly, I was in a hurry so I didn't get the chance to dress my look. I am now here advertising you this dress from Fashion 101. The dress is cheap at the price of Php 365.00 only! Buy it now! One stock only!

Can I be junior forever? This school year is epic because this is an open door for me! I really had many first times this school year! I will be telling them to you them in my next post cause I have this desire in my heart to make it separate but yes, this school year definitely etched my mind and heart.

Senior life is probably a tough year (maybe not just a maybe) due to numerous entrance exams, school problems, and overload assignments but let's not forget that we are doing all of these for the glory of God!

You know what I am feeling while I am typing words here? I feel dry. My throat is indescribable. I think I'll have cough or something.... plus my legs are better in these pictures and on my next 3 posts! You know, I got 5 mosquitoes bites and they turned out not good. Our skin genes I got from my parents are sensitive so each time I get bites or scars; they never left and add to that my love of sweets that makes my skin more and more insightful. 911 please! I hope that someone will still love me despite of these and none of my scars will make him love me less! Hahaha! Don't you love my drama? Hahaha!

Happy good day to everyone! Sorry for my long captions. I really have thousands of thoughts hidden in me that I wanted to squeal on my blog. You might not care so you just view the pictures but thanks anyway, I'll never get tired of blogging. Love you all!

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