Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! Welcome, 2013!

Sorry sorry for this late post! It's now Page 3 of 365!
Well, how was your New year and your Mega Noche?
Food foods food! These are some of our handa in our Mega Noche.
Yes, we're only five and we don't know where to keep and how to eat them all!

PS: Blogger lowers the quality of my pictures! I hope you still appreciate them!
PLUS, the photos aren't edited. They're raw!

Gangnam moves of Daddy and my photograoher-slash-sister, Janine.
Naka-mute 'to and hindi sila sabay sabay kahit isang music lang eh, Sarilihan lang?

New Year family picture! We always have that-same venue but different angles. We're doing this for 3 years na! This time, we wore green for it is the lucky color.
Last last year, we wore blue and last year, red.
Okay, Dad didn't wear green. Hahahaha!

Our house is not officially a home without my love ones, family.


Happy New Year! YAAY! =)
What we did next? No, we didn't raid in the dining room. We hugged, blessed, and kissed each other.
I love my family.  We are not a perfect family.

We are experiencing troubles but handling them altogether is the best thing to conquer them.
It's simple as that so I tell you, love your family.

The scariest thing to do after our Mega Noche........
And I gained 4 kilos! From 40 to 44.
I'm planning to lose weight on Jan. 07 pa!

Before and After look.
I can't breathe because I ate too much.
Yes, when I say too much, I really mean it.

This New Year is typical. We had fun. We jumped. We sang. Everything is as usual. But that won't make this New Year boring and insignificant. We’re only five but the happiness and love in our family is over-flowing. We have flaws. We have imperfections. But that will make us one- as family. 
What I want for my family and for myself? Longer life and many many lessons.

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