Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ms. lines and heels

This was my ootd (outfit of the day) last Sunday. I infrequently wear heels outside but I believe that the apparel is best worn with heels and this is what I came up! To tell you honestly, my outfit is simple- sleeveless multi-hued top, black jeggings and a pair of shoes. Yes, it is but combining them all together is surely chic and sophisticated.
My sister's height is 5'5 while my height is 5'0. Our age gap is only a year but our height is an unexplained whatsoeverness so that is one reason why I wore these shoes but sadly, my sister is still few inches heigher than me. I feel so poor and intimated. Just kidding!

Sunday is our family day that's why no matter how busy my parents are, we still never forget to make each Sunday a free day wherein there is no single meeting for them to attend.

Anyway, 12-09-12 will be my confirmation (I don't know if my term is right). I'm really excited for many reasons. Yes. I am proud Christian and it never crossed in my mind to change my religion but yes, I respect all religions. I'll be posting my outfit after this week-maybe (we have exams so I am not sure). I ordered the dress in the internet and I'll tell you the details in my next post.

Have you seen my three moles? I am really ignorant-fifteen years of being ignorant in my moles. That's how weird I am. Have a blessed day everyone! Hope you enjoy viewing my blog!

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