Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Outfit Of the Day

Here are some of my OOTDs:
I still have two drafts: the other one is pretty much long plus I feel lazy and the one is still in the iPad and maybe tomorrow, I'll post them. :)
My Captain America top is still in my closet! But sadly, it's too fit na for me!
My usual attire- jeans, flats, and random top
(If you're lazy to dress, tuck your top)
What I wore in Sport's Fest. Photo taken at Robinsons.
I wore this one when we fetched my tita (from US).
What I wore in my friend's birthday. Khamylle Monera.
Since today is the start of our Christmas break, I wish everyone the happiness, the fulfillment, and love! Happy Evening!


  1. The last picture is cool :)

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