Sunday, September 29, 2013

Araw ng Wika 2013

This is an overdue post and I am really sorry because our schedule is really hectic.
Last week was the bomb. It was surreal and full of happiness. We had newscasting, spelling bee, essay contest, making of banderitas, open house, thanksgiving ceremony, SG Day, Literary Contest and Family Day. It was full of activities and I never really thought that it will be as successful as it should be. It was the best above all maybe because it's my last year (tears).
Speaking of, looking back in all the photos that was uploaded in Facebook, it breaks my heart to think that few more months till graduation.  It breaks my heart to think that I am going to college. It breaks my heart to say goodbye to high school life. It breaks my heart to think that all of a sudden, it will just be a memory-beautiful one. My four years of staying in Hope gave me memories I can treasure in my heart until I get old. Sad to say, goodbyes are inevitable (tears).
Enough with my drama. I prepared a special post to confess all my emotions in my high school journey.
So now, this is what I wore in our Araw ng Wika. We had a grand activity that day. We had singing contest, dance contest and intermission numbers from various clubs in our school. Hopean's talents really burst that day. In the afternoon, we had lights and sounds and a tour about Philippines from alibata language to jejemon language and we watched a short presentation about our country, Philippines. Again, it was successful.
Ootd. Hashtag ILovePhilippines!
As for my hair, I decided to curl it and pin it in the side to highlight my sister's heavy earrings. I opted for naked face to focus more on my outfit and btw, I don't wear make-up lol.
I love this picture. Can't you see that my arms look so thin here?
I looked so bulky because my top is loose.
To tell you guys, this is my mom's surprise gift for me. She bought this dress when she was in Manila. There was even a typhoon when she was there and she really made a effort to surprise me. At first, I was so maarte because I wanted to rent a balintawak you know because I never experience that in my 15 years of existence but yeah, my mom did well and I love her so much. 
Shoes for that day. It was too light and comfortable that
I feel naked wearing it not to tell you that the heels are 4 inches long hehe.
stylishzai going crazy.
Photo taken in our house.
Photographed by my younger sister.
Baka hindi ninyo alam na marunong ako gumamit ng wikang Filipino. Lingid sa kaalaman ng marami pero mas nadadalian ako mag sulat ng Tagalog kesa sa Ingles. At eto pa pala, ako ay isang 100% Filipina kahit ang akala nang iba ay ako ay may lahing Chinese dahil sa aking mga mata.
Room 3: I was the narrator and my Babs was the overall in charge of the lights and sounds.
Ang reyna at ang hari. Sooo bagay, right?
Picture after the stressful yet fun filled araw ng Wika.
Can't still accept the fact that that was my last.
I'm craving for more eh.
It's more fun in PHCS.
You do?
I do.


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