Saturday, February 9, 2013

Girl's Dream

Most girls dream or should I say, we always dream. We think. We hope. We believe. We girls may seem not comprehensible in a guy's eyes but that is us. Girls are different. We want things to be organized and we desire assurance. Little things matter and we can hardly forget. We're jealous and sometimes, insecure. We always have that picture of our future and we keep on dreaming. And because it's my blog, I'll talk about my dreams. (Let me spill those unsound little dreams of mine!)

My dream is not always about finding my ideal guy because I believe that if God destined you to have the man in your dreams, it will take place. What is yours is yours. And for me, we don't have to find love. We have to wait in God's perfect timing. We don't have to rush because love will come as long as He will give it to us and most of the time, it comes unexpectedly.

Forgive me if I will sound unreasonable in my next sentences. Yes, I'll be stating my tiny dreams! I know that some of the girls here can relate! Hahaha!

  • My dream is to have Luke Shadbolt's skill in photography boyfriend. If you don't know that person, he is the boyfriend of Gary Pepper-a famous blogger. Luke is the one who photographs Gary and the shots are enchanting! This is one of the cutest pictures of them captured in Paris!
  • I dream to travel around the world, to go shopping and simply to enjoy life.
  • I dream to be happy with fewer worries. Happiness that is not just for me but for others.
  • I dream to be intelligent in every aspect. (Plus plus plus wisdom)
  • I dream to be tall, flawless, and skinny without even trying.

I have many dreams but you might get bored! I’m getting bored already! And why don't you check out this site. You might agree in some of the author's statement.

And yes, I really enjoyed talking about my dreams so let us move on.
This outfit is from Fashion 101. This is one of the clothes we're selling. I posted the few in here.
One thing I would like to share is the beauty of resourcefulness? The dress I worn as skirt is an example. I keep on doing those things like wearing dress as a skirt or a top and so on. You too should try that. And you'll be flabbergasted about the result.

I indeed love these photographs captured by my sister.
She's really patient and has a endearing potential!
What do you think?
She is just 9 years old! Bravo! (clap clap clap)

Clothes: FASHION 101 (Dress: Php 365.00, Top: Php 300.00)

Ooops! I am not ready! Since my mother is just few steps away from me,
I keep on talking to her about random girly stuffs!
And yes, I was innocently caught!

But my (senseless) dream is mainly:
"Every girl dreams to find the perfect guy. 
LOL, My dream is to eat without getting fat!"

What's yours?