Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Level Up

These are the pictures I used as travel buttons on my blog. I used Photoscape as an editing application since I don't have Photoshop. Fail blogger no? Hahaha! I really lack ideas and this was rush. I was basically forcing my mind to think good designs and et cetera. I find it good and refreshing naman. How about you?
Before, I used a flower thingy to use as my divider
but now, I decided to make them like that. Effort rin yan promise!
These are the clickables/links! Before, I used
Kryz Uy's photos but now, I am already using mine!
Happy girl right here! I just simply edit-ed the pictures then viola!
(I really didn't think hard in choosing photos).
You know what's hard in here? I-D-E-A-S.
Since ideas are primary essential and fundamental in doing a certain task.
No matter how good you are in editing, if you lack ideas
then a person with poor editing skills but has great ideas
flickering in his mind, without doubt, can easily overpower you. 

Clicking 'older posts' just to find my other posts is finally over.
You can just type my title (I hope you still remember) and tada!
My post is finally there! How cool is that?
 Can you see the fishes?
LOL! Of course you do
but can you see something different?
Yes, that orange fish!
Out of the ten fishes,
there is one dissimilar that tells you to be different.
Simple as that.
PS: Don't forget to feed them okay?
You won't like them when they're hungry like me!
Here are my popular posts!
Are they helpful? Please, let me know!
(Kunwari bago palang itong layout na 'to. Kunwari, first time
niyo itong nakita. Basta, samahan niyo lang ako. Hahaha!)

stylishzai // A thousand Styles welcomes you to my new layout!
Feel free to comment your suggestions, opinions, and comments.
I would really love to know.
Thank you to the people who keep on viewing my blog.
And I hope that you'll never get tired.
Love 'ya all! ;)


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