Saturday, March 9, 2013

How Far is Too Far?

March is one of the best months of the school year. It is when you and your classmates will value more the good and bad times you had this school year and it is few more days till goodbyes. Well, I hope that goodbyes only meant until tomorrow but that don't seem to be possible especially to the seniors who will be facing a major future struggle academically, financially, spiritually, physically, psychologically and other lly words-you get the picture.

My ate is just one of them. Indeed, I'll miss her. (She never opens my blog but if she does, she'll get cheeseballs! Hahaha!) Life in college is really different particularly if we will be too far with our loved ones. We will be released in our pure pampered world. But how far is too far? Miles away? Meters? Kilometers? Centimeters?

I just basically love the title. I always ask myself that question: How far is too far? And sometimes this: (I love you so much!) How much? We really can't avoid those questions because they don't seem to be specific but on the other hand, if we will be specific, they will have limitations. Who wants limitations? (Infinity is a limitation).

As I've written, I just love my title but it is not connected to the pictures and my life so I am trying hard to build a bridge to make the connected like Bluetooth. (*sings the song)

My outfit is basically uncomplicated- lace top and a floral shorts. The top is a different kind of lace because most lace clothes give ultra feminine look but because of its dark color, it made this lace top an edge look. Not fierce. Not hot. Not sweet. Not in between. It's too hard to explain.

My outfit is simple and not kind of blog-worthy but simplicity should not be forgotten. And this outfit is good for casual occasions wherein you don’t have to worry if there are peek-ers, you secretly have dark underarms (lol, for sleeveless clothes!!), flying skirts (dear air, you don't do that to me!), and others...
This style is suited for a more productive workloads and et cetera.

We just had a recital today and I am happy about the result of our 2nd song. I didn't have a picture of what I was wearing so I am planning to wear it again inside our house just to update my lovely viewers. Desperada ang peg eh!

Anyway, this is a random topic. (WARNING YOU!) One more year and I'll be college so I am basically giving-up my blog a major break (not the usual big break). I am planning to stop blogging since college life is severely mind-disastrous and unimaginably busy so I can't afford to do many things at the same time however maybe on vacations or if I have a free time, I can still update my looks but don't expect me to be that active. Maybe one look per month. (insert sad face and teary eyes)

Blogging life is never boring but it requires effort.

Quality of a good post (101):

Good style + good background + good quality of camera + photographer (or self-timer) = Outfit shots
An editing software (Pictures really need to be cleaned and the quality of lighting must be observed.)
Time (To open an account; to update other accounts for connecting purposes, and to upload pictures)
Caption (Captions is a must. Without it, the post will not be well understood)
Others (Linking, Commenting other famous blogs for exposure, and many more...)

(*some are optional) You see? But I still love it!

I'll end this with a funny advice and a breathtaking  link:
How to break up with someone:
  • You: Your ex is attractive.
  • Partner: Which one?
  • You: ME.
  • You: BYEEEE 

And, THIS (via tumblr)

Remember, you are loved beyond measure.

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