Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Bigger, The Better

Here are the bigger pictures of mine. I don't consider this as Fashion 101 post because look at what I am wearing? Is that a style? It's definitely a fail fail! Anyway, after many weeks, I finally completed my posts! Hoooraaay! And you can view my Fashion 101 posts in the tag link just below this post. Word 'post' overload!

My sister and mom flew to Manila on Thursday to go to UST for school matters and I definitely miss them! You know what I posted on my last post? That my throat is dry and indeed, they turned our worse. I am officially sick. I can't help it! You know the feeling wherein you can't sing, you can't eat ice cream and et cetera! Where in Earth I got these illnesses? Maybe I got them from my classmates who talk and their saliva is hitting me! Lol! I am no accuser but I hope that I'll be fine before Monday.

I plan to makeover my blog as soon as possible and make my photos bigger than ever but that means that I have to limit myself from wearing short shorts! Hahaha! So I'll stick with this size. So to all my viewers, you don't have to worry because I am trying and acting to befine and if you don't care then I'll deal with it. I promise to make my posts blog worthy. I really hope!

So now, I wish you a Happy Summer! (with hugs and kisses!)

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