Thursday, May 8, 2014

Old on the outside, New in the inside

Hi, this is stylishzai and I am still alive. You might be wondering what happened to me in the past few months for being inactive. The reason was I find it hard to balance between my passion as a typical teenager and my responsibility as a student, daughter, sister and ate. And to tell you readers, I finally graduated with flying colors (To God be the Glory) and was accepted in a prestigious school-a school that I am supposed to pass because my sister is studying there-University of Santo Tomas!! There are a lot of happenings and changes in me but I am still a blogger who loves sharing pieces of herself through fashion posts.

These pictures were taken last February 2014 and it took me a long time to post this because I am busy. So what is the meaning of my title? I still look the same-same flaws, insecurities, smile, everything but I am in the process of changing what is inside of me. I am like the new version of me- Zaira version 2.0. I am focusing on my spiritual growth and enhancing my relationship with my family because I will go to college and will temporarily be away from them. What I am trying to develop is my strength, inner moonlight and my character. I always make it to a point to reflect with myself atleast once a day. I love cleaning my room although it is already clean and I love sticking post it notes on my wall to remind me that I am special and a champion!

So here is my fashionista side. I love denims and I decided to pair it with a plain black top, aztec shorts and nude heels to elongate my short legs. I hope you like my combo!

As you can see, I love side view pose because it makes my nose look matangos hahaha and please do forgive me for being so jejemon in these pictures! Anyway, I cannot open my yahoo mailtwitter, and 2 tumblrs because I forgot my password hehe so I am just using my Facebook account , this blog and my Instagram to be abreast with the technology.

I say sorry and I apologize for my old immature posts, tweets and comments on my social media accounts. I've changed hahaha! And I became more mature na and my advice lang for you guys is never ever post something that you will regret in the end. Never post something when your emotions are unstable and too fierce. I love you guys, I hope you will still read my blog even if I am not always active. God Bless!!

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