Thursday, December 20, 2012

Who Says Simplicity is Boring?

Please don’t mind the lazy shots as well as the low quality of my pictures since in the first place; I used the front camera of iPad3. Stay awesome readers!

My usual OOTDs are simple and comfortable. My style isn’t loud and overdressed. I dress the way I want and the way I want people to see me.
I went with my mother to Robinsons to buy a gift to Daddy. Sahara’s apparels caught our eyes since they are definitely in trend and the cloth is akskdlkadly amazayn. (I’m deeply attracted to Zayn’s voice plus his eye lashes are longer that mine!) This is what I wore:

Since I know that they will be few people at Robinsons, I undoubtedly wore sleeveless and paired it with my floral pants-the one I bought in the internet! Aren’t they lovely? Without these pants, my outfit would be awfully dull.

This embroidered butterfly is the only design of my top.


I just grabbed anything I saw in my closet that time since I was in a hurry and this is what I came up! What do you think?

I stayed in our boutique. I like the clothes we sell but mommy doesn’t want me to buy it! Huhuhu! Anyway, you can visit our Facebook here however, it will be better if you will visit our store because we do not update the link daily. I’m working with the price tag and I proudly say that I was the one who made them via photoscape! Yay!
Don’t you love my DIY nails? I was really bored in the shop so this happened. Yes, sariling puri narin; like ko tong nails na itech! Anyway, I forgot to announced to the world that my future husband, Ranz replied sa tweet ko (I’m Taglish-ing already!). It’s here; check it out!

Camera 360 is such a life savior! This is where I regularly take my vain shots! No edits, just one filter then tada!

“Love is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship. It's not about how much you have in the beginning but how much you build to the end.”

Have a happy day everyone!