Sunday, March 24, 2013

How many lines?

Long time no blog! It's been really awhile guys! You may miss me or not but I really miss you and my blog! I wasn't able to update my blog few days ago not because I am busy but I am sleeping early like 9am in the evening! I really wanted to give myself an award because school stress is finally over!

Moving on, what do you think to my enlarged photos? That is just one step. I'll edit my header after senior's graduation- April 5! So this is what I wore on January when I attended my guitar practice. (such a late post eeh?)

You see? I added my new guitar as my prop! Well, let me just tell you that Dad just bought me a new one! I really prefer the turquoise electric guitar because it's cheaper and I really love the color but Dad and the guy really recommended us to buy that acoustic guitar instead and it was not a regret after all! Sad to say, after the recital, I do not even use my guitar. That's why I am still a novice guitarist! Hahaha!

My title? Yeah! Can you count how many lines are in my clothes? Effort din yan talaga yan eh! Don't you love the contradicting lines that indeed make me look taller or ako lang talaga ang nagsabi...

Anyway, sorry for not updating guys! I wasn't able to take pictures of my ootds talaga and I'll promise to make bawi soon but before anything else, I wanted to do the make-up-ing of my blog first. No procrastinations! I'll make my own dealine! All you have to do is to wait! Hihihi!

I really wanted to thank Lira for teaching me how to enlarge photos and I am indeed posting bigger photos soon! I finally decided to use the size of 650! Yahooo! How big is that? Watch out for that!

So what can you notice? I am being really informal. I type the words that pop in my mind right now! I am currently in my intense mood! Shabu pa? Hahaha!

Meet my twin, Mae!

"Many relationships could have way long ended. But people choose to fight for it in order to save it. That’s the epic of love."


ATS <3>

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