Friday, February 1, 2013


Life is like a coin You can spend it any way you choose but you can only spend it once.
Indeed. In our teacher's version, she quoted:  
"Life is like a coin, it depends on how you spend it."
Life is a coin. Life is a penny. Whatever you may call it, nothing will change. That is life.

I basically had 10 outfits for Fashion101 photo shoot and sadly, blogger doesn't seem to understand me. Just few days ago, I had an internet problem whatsoever. Good thing, I simply used Smart-Bro usb like-my lifesaver. And now, my blog ‘upload photos’ button is missing and no matter how I try to refresh my browser and everything, it is still lost. Oh that upload button, please be good to me. I simply desire people to see the clothes that I am wearing especially if they're Fashion 101 products!

The dress that I am wearing is from our shop! You’ll see it in my next post. And for you not to be lost (dissimilar with my upload photos button), I tagged it as Fashion101. What else would it be?


I almost freak out each time the upload photos button is out of nowhere but there is a reason-I believe. And that’s life. I just have to deal and get over with it.

To tell you my recent diary story, I am happy now. No more school dramas and I am just plainly working making myself better day by day and glorifying God with the use of my tongue. It rocks you know?

Dress: Fashion 101 Php 320.00

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