Sunday, April 28, 2013


Expect the unexpected guys. You never thought it, am I right? I never thought it also. Haha!
I was in my room that time and it is my rule that if someone will step in my room, he must remove his shoes and be barefooted. What a cool law right?

(me sharing another topic... backspace.. remove all the words I just typed... realizing that it is unfavorable to share it..) lol! People I wanted to share another piece of me but I've realized that I this is not the right time to share it so maybe soon if I will visibly see the effects so watch out for that!

Anyway, let me jump into a far topic. I am a girl who wants to watch movies but I find it a waste of hours so I just skip scenes or not watch at all. And one thing you don’t know about me is that I am a lover of action movies! I really do especially if the main character is a young beautiful lady. I love movies wherein a girl is a spy or an agent and she knows how to do stunts, how to use guns, and all possible armors. Isn’t that great, cool and amazing? And add to that the super advance and breathtaking gadgets she uses like flash drive in sunglasses, cameras that can sense even your lightest move, pointed heels like knives, and many other cool stuffs!
Have you watched an old movie entitle “So close?” The girl is definitely my idol and I really wanted to do stunts, tumblings, and other cool moves but then, I’ve noticed, it is scarily horrible. Hahaha!

Top: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: DIY, Belt: Jellybean, Necklace: Boutique in Palawan

Which among the colors do you like?
Patrick looks gorgeous in here! Don't you agree? Hahaha!

So happy summer everyone!
Sorry for my short captions because I basically said all the words I must in this post 'C'est La vie'
and I hope that you'll read them! My thoughts are still loading so let's just wait.

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