Monday, November 5, 2012

Just Like The Old Times

You might be wondering why my attire is so simple right? It's because, simplicity is really my personality. I don't wear heels outside, sun glasses, curl my hair (without events), and tons of accessories! Most of my pictures are taken in our house because the trend in Palawan is dissimilar compared to US, and even in Manila.
If people will see you wearing my 6-inch pumps, they might think you're foolish or worse, prostitute. That's how judgmental people are (generally speaking). Don't make me wrong, I am not judging, it is not just my observation and opinion, many people say that. Don’t you agree? We can't avoid it. It’s just that way and all we have to do is to accept the truth and not imitate the wrong doings. Good vibes!
Moving one, I intentionally pair the high-waisted denim pants with my plain top to practice simplicity. Don't worry, ngayon lang 'to; in my next posts, hindi na.

The title says ‘Just like the Old Times. Let me explain. Aren't you familiar with the word ‘retro’? That is! High-waisted, big sunglasses, scorching red shoes... They're all retro and they are coming back! It's now the recent trend in fashion industry. Your old polka dots top and your oversized jeans? You can wear that now. That is one thing I like about the modern fashion, I can wear and do simple DIY with my mother’s old clothes. Cheap but resourceful fashion... That's me!

Summer in late Halloween? Well, this is a egalitarian country and I don't violate any rules so go for it. As long as we know in ourselves that we're on the right track, no one has the authority to stop you. Keep calm and follow your dreams.
Details: Funny (top), Mommy's (Pants), Mommy's (sunnies), Toms (red shoes)

Close eye shot. My post is few so I have to upload this. I really think that my viewers are getting bored because I have tons of photos in just a single outfit. I am learning not to be overwhelmed with my apparels. I'm still in progress. After awhile you'll see me posting 5 photos in a post. Happy now? Well, Me too!

The high-waisted pants is the spotlight of the post. It makes the clothes really chic, effortless, and in trend. Furthermore, this pants is flattering in my figure. And what I love with this pants is that it makes me look tall. I hope pants do not just make me look tall but does make me tall. If ever...

This pair of shoes is love. It makes the outfit vibrant with its sizzling red color. I feel so retro talaga! With every Toms’ pair you, you can help a child. Isn't it amazing to think that buying for yourself also benefits other people?
"I asked strength for God and He gave me difficulties to make me strong. I asked for wisdom and He gave me problems to solve. I asked for prosperity and He gave me a brain and energy to work. I asked for courage and He gave me danger to overcome. I asked for love and I was given troubled people to help. I asked for favors and God gave me opportunities. I received nothing that I wanted, but everything I needed."


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