Monday, August 4, 2014

Undisputed Reality

Stylishzai is back after many idle weeks that turned months! You might be wondering what happened to me lately if I am still alive or what haha! It’s not that my schedule is hectic but I just need to prioritize other things rather than this. And yes, I miss blogging! I am not letting go of what I love, though.

So what happened? I am finally college taking BSA at the prestigious Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas! Accountancy is not something that I really love and passionate about and never did I think that one day, I will become an accountant but this is what my parents want me to pursue. It’s not my desire but I still believe that one day, I will learn to love this course and will become so desperate just to successfully finish my entire journey at AMV. It’s not impossible naman right?

By the way, college is completely different from high school (which makes me sick) and right now, I am still in the process of absorbing the fact that I am no longer living in my comfort zone; that everything happening is completely different from the culture, environment and beliefs that I am used to that is why, most of my days, I live in the past; I still live in my old easy and carefree world however, I know that this is just some kind of nostalgic. Sooner or later, I will be used in this kind of change. I know for a fact that this will help me find my undiscovered strengths and abilities, will certainly make me an independent person and of course, will make me one step closer in reaching one of my dreams- to help other people through my career.

So what’s up UST? I never really thought that college could be this serious especially in the course that I am taking. To tell you a fact, I thought na petiks lang and easy breezy but hindi pala; patayan pala. My blockmates are really competitive and majority of them are valedictorians which made me feel inferior and out of place lol but I know that God won’t let me be in the situation without his prior notice and He put me here because I deserve to be here and I have a purpose. So far, all of the struggles that I am facing are purely self-inflicted and just the juices of my over thinking chu chu. I pray, hope and declare that 5 years from now, I will become an accountant- a certified public accountant! God won’t fail me and as long as I am tied in His plans, directions and promises, nothing could ever stop my destination- not even the world.

I miss Palawan. I miss looking at the stars. I miss the fresh air. I miss walking in the streets without worrying. I miss our clean and green environment. I miss waking up late. I miss cooking pancakes. I miss going to life church Palawan. I miss lutong pambahay. I miss my life there but this is the reality now and in order to achieve great things and in order to build a better foundation, one must go out of his comfort zone and this is it na. I just need to take good care, manage and balance everything to make sure that all things are falling in the right places and all the decisions that I am making are according to God’s plan. (Don’t ask me about my love life. It’s not yet my priority hahaha!)

My caption has nothing to do with the pictures and this is my signature- fashion post with my life’s caption. I am still thinking to renovate this blog but I need time and resources (feeling big time blogger eh no). I don’t know what happened with my old posts because I can only see the captions and not the pictures.
God bless everyone!
Life isn’t the way we always wanted but this is the reality. We just have to accept it, seize it and live it.

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