Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beyond Blessed

So here I am again, having favoritism because I do not post according to dates rather, according to 'what I feel like' method of posting.

Summer school - summer class - summer study - summer lesson, I hope I will enjoy you. I don't want to have lazy senseless disgusts so I am fighting my sluggish mind-set which is undeniably hard because I'm used being lazy. I need more inspirations.
Fundamentally, my principal inspiration is someone you can't see but you can feel. You probably knew Him. He's there, beside you. He’s God and He’s good. AMEN!
My second inspiration is my family. They are epic and I know, for a fact that I am beyond blessed.
Here's what I wore. All simple neutral colors. A dress I got from that internet; pair of pumps; black lace bandeau; and myself. Noticeably effortless and simple outfit. And as I can see, my outfit fits my age very well. Don't you agree?
Guess who is at my back? She's wearing blue! A white lady with a round head lol? Goooosh!
I really didn't know that my older sister is at my back but thanked God because this made my blog post better and more lively. I know that as time goes by, you really get bored seeing me, me and me so it will be better if sometimes, I include people who touched my heart.

My soul sister, sister buddy, crazy sister, and (insert adjective here) sister; ate Ann. People knew her as shy and 'hindi makabasag pinggan' girl but you're wrong. She has 'litik' and incredible craziness like me. We sing like idiots, dance like there's no tomorrow and argue like brat kids you know!? No matter how much I hated her when I was young, I still love her and now, I love her more and more each day mainly because she will be leaving for college. How time flies. I still remember the days when we were young and take a shower together lol! Hahaha!

I will surely miss her homemade chambahan delicious foods for us. Just so you know, she taught me how to cook rice and I am really glad that I know how na I just learned this summer! Love it! To end this, I just love ate. Kisses :*
Me: Let's do stylishzai pose together!

Taddaaaaa! Cute right?
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Let's do the stylishzai pose!
Ate: Diba ganito pose mo sa blog mo?

Guys, who does better? Nang-iinis ohh. Ang OA nang sa kanya eh. Hahaha! What if my pose is just as eerie as this? Lol! No one might ever view my blog plus, your browser might probably encounter a virus lol.
Stylishzai pose ba kamo?
What she wore in their graduation.
She finally graduated! OMG!
Amazing siblings in the house yo! We're crazy in the house yo!
If you only know how noisy we are in the house.

You might be wondering why are we dressed like these? This was not taken before my sister's graduation. As you can see, dad's shoes are ughh and the graduate girl doesn't have any make-up on her face so this was taken before my sister return her blue silk toga. Naka adjectives ang toga oh diba? We really intended a time for this; really. We make sure we have a family picture na kunwari graduation but we really never thought that the pictorial would be this fun.

I thank God each day for the day that He had given us. For the lives of the people who taught me values, lessons, and all the things worth-learning. For all the difficulties and hardships that helped me become who I am today. I thank God for my family for they loved me even if I am very unlovable and for accepting me for who I am. Life had given more that I deserve, I want and I imagine. Sometimes, I hate life but I guess, it's not a bad life after all maybe just a bad day or bad hour. Life is beautiful; and we all have thousands reasons to smile. We are beyond blessed.

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