Friday, February 1, 2013

Le tour Fashion 101

(I don’t want to sound formal okay? Hahaha!)
Before anything else, let me just give you a brief introduction about our store, Fashion 101.

Fashion 101 is a merchandise store of my mom-Judith Awat. It started on December 8, 2012. Mom had been always dreaming to have a fashion store and now, it came true! (Crowd clapping and yelling!) The beginning is the hardest especially with what we call tight budget but with numerous prayers and customers, things are now flowing the way we wanted and we are hoping for more customers and retailers. I actually chose the name. Indeed, it is usual but the name of our boutique is easy to remember right? I am the one editing and updating our Facebook page since mommy is not a big fan of technology. Yes, technology is useless in my parents

So now, (drums rolling) I told mom if she wants me to wear some of my chosen clothes and advertise it in my blog then she agreed! These are some of the chic but cheap clothes of our store! You can check out our Facebook but we do not frequently update and take pictures of the new arrivals so I really recommend you to visit our store. We are open every day in the afternoon and in the night.


This is how our store looks like! I made the pictures Black in white for it add enigmatic effect so you’ll be more curios and you’ll just visit out store! We sell bags, shoes, dresses, few accessories, pants, and tops. Why don’t you just visit our store so I don’t have to explain everything? Hahaha! When I grow up, I wanted to make a clothing line but I’ll start with this business first-buy and sell goods. Mom’s fashion sense is definitely becoming better! Clap clap clap!

Top: Php 300.00 Bottom: Php 390.00
Top: Php 300.00 Bottom: Php 390.00
Dress: Php 390.00
Top: Php 300.00 Dress: Php 365.00

Dress: Php 320.00
Top: Php 300.00
Top: Php 300.00 Bottom: Php 320.00

Top: Php 300.00

I’ll be posting all the outfits separately and I will update you. You can order now! You can message me on Facebook if you desire it to be more personal and immediate and on the other hand, you could just visit our page (I told it thrice already) but as I said earlier, we do not update it intensely. Visiting our store is always the best idea! Haha!

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