Thursday, November 7, 2013


No hate. I know I know. Let me explain. I am indeed wearing pek pek shorts hahaha!
hashtag unconservative // hastag kadiri // hashtag slut // hashtag whore // hashtag *you are free to judge me but don't forget the quote: "What Sally says of Sussie says more of Sally that of Sussie."
I DIY-ed them and wouldn't it be okay if I will wear them for the second time just in a couple of minutes and then I'll take pictures and I'll post them in my blog, After all, I just wore them inside our house and I promise that I won't ever wear shorts are short as that and as you can see: my legs are big-really big and I admit that I am insecure about that. Tee + shorts + slippers = simplicity and that's what I wanted to showcase to you because my point here in my post is to explain my thoughts. If truth be told, it's my blog and if you don't want what you are seeing here, you are free to go and to those who are staying, I love you hehe!
*my thoughts are to be continued*

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