Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cheesy and Saccharine

Marga Ecalona gave me a chocolate cake from their bakeshop, Cafe Olé. It is beyond appetizing and I am craving for more. Since I got astounded about her Christmas gift for me (I didn’t expect this), I posted them in my blog and I can’t wait to post some of the gifts I got from my loved ones (Maybe tomorrow I will).

So what now? Let me tell you our past. We were classmates in grade school (Salve Regina School). Because we didn’t know what we are doing, we had kiddy disputes and now that we are in high school, it is kind of awkward to have little conversations with her because of our poignant past. We talk but not in personal and now that’s it is Christmas, why don’t we just get over with our awkwardness and enjoy our company together? Marga is a good friend, girl and a blogger. Go check her blog!

Thanks Marga for this delicious cake and cheesy letter you gave me. Thank you for the memories.