Thursday, January 31, 2013

Home Reading Report

Home Reding Report, HRR, is a project for us Hopeans. It is reading book/s and doing the summarization of each chapter. Every year varies and us juniors, we are supposed to do the summaration plus, we have to make a character that will enter in the story that we will be reading. Each page of our HRR will be divided into two and the first side will be the summarization while the other side will be the revised story.
Indeed. This is some kind of burden to us students but it somehow helps us improve our grammar, cursive writing and imagination. It even widens our thinking in different aspects of life.
This school year is different. I don't know why but I really enjoyed my HRR journey maybe because we are just required to read one book in the whole school year. I decided to use Home At Last by Anna Schmidt. It has 17 chapters! (Yes, few chapters only!) I don't have choice at all but my friend said that the book is worth-reading so why don't I give it a try!

I got the art idea from my older sister, Ann. And I decided to make it in my own version. More complicated. I don't love reading however, I don't hate reading. (It is neutral in my part.)
To all the people who hate those thick books, I understand you. My passion is more on social-networking. (I don't love watching movies or even texting. Yes, I can live without using cellular phone!) Internet is my bestfriend. We always hang-out and do simple late night dates. Hahaha!
To the people who love books, I look up to you. Reading is traveling in different worlds. Right?

In my opinion, why don't I dress my HRR to make it more pleasing to the eye of the reader/s and enjoying to read. As I receive my HRR during or before the new grading, I usually receive over-whelming compliments by our teacher, Ma'am Malou that's why I am always inspired.
Yes, I hope that you got my idea now. Why don't you try to do it? HRR is not just writing. It is widening your imagination. It is thinking outside of the box. And those sleepless night are beautiful. Isn't it good to remember the silly and good things you did in your HRR? You'll even miss those memories!
My bottomline: Life is too short to stress yourself with your HRR so now, enjoy it and sooner you'll love it! And don't forget to do your own-version's experiments. That signature is a must. HRR is not a burden after all.

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