Monday, October 28, 2013

The Girl I'll Never Be

So I am back after several weeks. This post is not new probably two months old; I saved this in my draft post. I am busy for the past days because I am starting with my thesis, we had exam and I joined the JS Camp. So here it goes: (Let's not make the caption long nalang right?)
I am a girl- simple, shy, soft, funny to close friends, hilarious to my friends, cold to strangers, loves ice cream, loves chocolates, loves to laugh, sometimes moody, short, long hair, light brown-toned, full of flaws, don't often speak, sometimes unproductive, blessed, christian, hopean, dreamer, blogger and *insert infinite decribing words*

This is me and I guess, I don't have to change for someone I'm not. I am blessed with my life although sometimes I would just feel wrecked because I focus on negative things that are around me. I do that-sometimes. I would normally look at my self and re-evaluate my life and I will, out of nowhere, rate my self and I will cry and then my mom would stop me from crying and then my dad also and I will pray and sleep and the next morning, everything is new. I guess, it's a cycle so just read it all over again.

The girl I'll never be:

  • Drink liquor and smoke (only sweets!)
  • Say bad words (really guys, I don't say those words ever since and I hope until I die hehe)
  • Change my God (ever!)
  • Change my sex (lol, is this a need?)
  • cut my hair really short (this is never my plan)
  • and more... (I feel like I need to restore my thoughts pa so I can say more haha)
I would, I guess, stay sweet for the rest of my life.
The dress (worn as skirt), and top is my older sister's so yeah guys,
I wanted to dedicate this post for her as a surprise
but then she's here so I'll go for my plan B instead.
My point in here is that sometimes we have to examine ourselves and think of what we want in our lives and where we want to be in the future because we must have that certain vision for us to be in the right and same track until we reach the end. Like for me, I don't want to say bad words so I would really think the words that I am going to say before I spit them right? 
Let's enjoy our one week of summer although our teachers left us countless project and must dos. I really wanted to be productive so that I won't procrastinate but I don't feel like doing my HRR and thesis. So yeah, God Bless you all and maybe one day or another, I can update you guys with my new refreshing posts. BTW, don't mind my grammatical errors and wrong spelling words because I am lazy to re-edit them again hehe. You won't judge naman right? Love you all!

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