Saturday, August 31, 2013

Who's On My Shirt?

So I'm back again. School errands are really insane (in a good way) plus my blog has been sick for few days so no matter how much I love to update you guys, my baby blog can't. Our Araw ng Wika celebration happened last Friday and it was dreamy surreal. It was something I didn't expect to happen even though we spent so much time working hard to give our fellow Hopeans and teachers the best performance. I can say that it was beyond. It was grand and I can't wait to blog about it!
Who's on my shirt, anyway? That's my father when he used to run in the government back in 2003 and idkwhat year. His first run was really victorious but I was young that time so I didn't have the opportunity to congratulate him however, on 2003-his second try, didn't work out for some reasons mainly because dad refused to join other religious affairs. I really believe that what happened was better- extremely better because after his lose, my parents decided to rebuild our one-storey house to up and down house. It was really out of nowhere since our money is not sufficient to rebuild the house but with God, everything turned possible.
So this shirt is 10 years old and still counting. This is before my mom’s but she decided to give this to me. I promise to keep this shirt as long as I can. This is a top that gives too much memories, myriad lessons and far-fetched choices.

In case you thought I had forgotten fashion stuffs and like that, I paired this shirt with my peplum skirt. Shirt and t-shirt tandem is really today's mainstream. As for my accessories I decided to color it with touches of Turquoise and ended my outfit with my sister's cute pair of sandals that perfectly matches my accessories. What do you think?
My dad is really maka-masa and maka-tao. He's a lawyer and he does what is beyond in his job. He accepts countless cases for free. I’m really proud of him and I wanted to be like him- to leave the world with your name etched in people’s minds and hearts.

Conversely, I feel like he shouldn't enter politics anymore because it is risky, he'll have less time for his family, and it just doesn't seem so great. You know, in Philippines, when you are a politician, people will tell you that you're corrupt. There's always a nametag. People judged, judge, and will judge you kahit hindi ka pa nakakagalaw. So yeah, I seriously don't want dad to enter politics ever again and I guess, in the future, I won't join politics because how ironically may it sounds; I'm really shy of facing people and I don’t feel like doing it. I can help people in many other ways, though.
My legs are both my ugly assets and beautiful liabilities. It's kind of fair but it's too big for my figure. I mean, look, it doesn't match my body's proportion. It was weird and I can't help it that's why no matter how fair they are (oh really talaga), I always hide them. Hehe!
Time flies so fast and today is now September- 'ber' months already. Also, according to Ed Sheeran, This year is passing in the blink of an eye. Agree? Agree.
So let us not waste our time. Let us be open to all the opportunities in life.
To end this, I wanted to share to you a quote I found dancing somewhere in the internet:

“Sometimes you have to let things go, so there's room for better things to come into your life.

Happy thoughts everyone. -ATS

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