Friday, September 13, 2013


Because I am pretty much not really ready to start this blog post, I think I just need to start it with me in the picture looking and actually unready.
And now you'll know why my title is "Deceived".
(My topic does not match my mood in the pictures because
the caption is not intended for the post but you need to know so yeah.)
(switch to deep mode)
Not all things that you see are real and not all things that you see aren't real either. In the same way, not all things that you can’t see aren’t real and vice versa (redundancy). They eyes can be very much deceiving. It can be the source of a fatal argument or a fresh friendship but in all exception, as I know and as what I believed in, true love doesn't require eyes. I just can’t explain it but I really know that when it’s real and it’s right and it’s from God, it is blind. You don’t care how horrible she looks in the morning, how short she is or how badly her voice sounds because for you, she is beautiful just the way she is and like a bouquet of fresh flowers in Paris.
(Say what? I think I have made my point in my message and I hope you understood what I meant. In association with the title, fashion can also be deceiving like wearing heels to make your legs longer, stockings to hide your flaws, and many more. In all angles of the world, there is this word ‘deceive’ and we must not be swallowed by that tricky word and action.)
I feel so pressured because I will be taking college admission tests. I always hope and believe and aspire that I will be able to pass them all but if it won’t happen, I know that God has His better purpose for me. That's what I always say that God’s better purpose will make me a better individual and a follower of Christ. And that purpose is thousands better than my thoughts. Agree? Amen!
Just to update you my metamorphic lifestyle, I gladly become less addictive to clothes since mom started to open her new business which is Fashion 101 boutique. I began to feel the weariness of seeing tons of clothes and my eyes are being sick of it. Oh really? That is why I rarely buy clothes nowadays and even more rarely  in Palawan because shopping is Manila in my humble opinion is never been boring for the reason that I can find effortlessly cute and chic clothes with an amazingly good prize. Right now, I just mix and match my overused clothes. And that is how I practice my own version of practicality. *clap clap clap*
As for my credits, I personally thank my financier who is my biological daddy (I have, had and will have many fathers and dads in school. I’m just making things clear). I know he’s now happy because my vices are somehow vanishing. Dad will only spend his money to my doctor. I can't state you the story specifically because it is sensitive and I don’t feel stating it in my blog but now, I am giving you hints so just disregard what I had just said.
So one thing you probably notice in all my pictures are my uneventoned-ness or what I usually call “ombre skin”. Yes, my legs are indeed fairer compared to my face, shoulders, hands, etc. because I don't always wear something that shows my legs and that's why they're like that. What I usually do to make it less obvious is that I whiten my face to make my legs and face somehow balanced in tone but I always fail so yeah; let's just accept the reality (‘insert bloody tears’).
As for my outfit, it is both combinations of similar color- Violet. My top and my shorts are both my pambahay and this is how you rock your pambahay clothes.
First, apply your own personal style, and then rock it with good shoes, and accessories. Third, pick a good hairstyle and additional apparel to make it look chicer and lastly, wear your biggest fashionista smile. And now you’re good to go.
I seriously miss my jump shots and I know some of you miss that too or I am just being assuming nonetheless, here is me trying hard to have a jump shot to show to you all.

God Bless everyone!

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