Sunday, April 14, 2013

You Against Yourself

The background is too dramatic and I realized that I should've worn better clothes. This place is in front of our home sweet home. I really have this lovely desire to take my shots there because the trees are really wonderful and breathtakingly pleasing to my eyes and yeah, it is now on my blog.

But you know, I was expecting a good quality shots with perfect blur, perfect contrast, perfect focus, and perfect colors but they're turned out opposite. Good thing, there is a black and white effect that will indeed make the pictures look somehow good. And just so you know, this is far far better than the raw pictures.
These are actually one of my remaining posts and old lazy boring ootds before I start my summer post. I just have to wait for the perfect timing of my photographer's enthusiasm in taking photos and good weather as if I'm going outside. LOL! Janine, my lovely photographer, I love you beyond words!
I knew, I knew that you didn't see the clothes that I am wearing in details in my black and white shots so here it is! Orange, red, and brown colors! Do you love them? So simple right?
People in the world, do you love to know the brands that I am wearing in my posts? Comment below if you do! I don't really put them now in my blog because above all, that doesn't really matter but if you want to know anyway, just comment below. I will answer them with pureness and sincerity!
And of course, I don't want you to close this page without knowing my point in my title. That quote wanted to say something, I believe. Something that is indeed majestic and worth keeping in head.

Sometimes, we feel like the world is against us. That the world hates us but it is just us who think of those things. Those hatred only exist in our heads so my point in here is positivity in everything especially in point-of-views because your POV will define you and your definition of the world.

So have you visited my Jeans post? Let me just add a weird joke and advice.
'cool jeans' to a handsome guy out there. (instead of cool genes to make it not obvious. Takip takip din. Haha!)


  1. Nice pants! :-)

    xx, Edda

    1. Thank you, pretty Edda. Love you blog!