Friday, July 5, 2013

Andrea's sweetest 16th (Part 1)

Hello everyone! So here I am again! Long time no post and I am really really sorry about that. I basically don't take photographs of my ootds because I don't have plenty of time to blog it because each time I blog, I still need to transfer pictures, edit them, resize them, think of thoughts then upload them and publish them. It's a long job and add to that my multi-networks surfing (I usually sleep at 2am just to make a good post. weee!).

Yes, school is now starting and a month just passed. I didn't even notice that. I am a proud Valor student (Do I really need to inform you that? Haha!). I joined 2 clubs but I am not contented because I wanted to join the glee club but I think I can't manage having 3 clubs so I stick having 2 clubs only. So summer passed and I am still short (as always (*insert sad face*). We had 4 new classmates all in our section which is cool! I am pretty much happy being a CAT officer And .... (I know you are in state of boringness) (skip)

On 29th of June, we celebrated Andrea Adriano's sweet 16th. It was a blast and I really enjoyed the night. By the way, the last second before her birthday celebration at Hotel Centro, she still thought she'll attend a wedding not knowing the fact that she'll attend her own grand birthday. It's amazing to know how sweet her mom is and how awesome we are because we kept a big cool secret. Thousand claps for us!

So here is what I wore:
I will be showcasing you all my ohlala cheekbones! Please, forgive me for being fat. I can't help it. I do love eating. 

You know, I always pig out these days because food is my anxiety reliever and just to tell you my random weirdness, few hours before the event, I did 20 sit-ups hoping that my big tummy will magically turn small. Hahaha! But it didn't. Yeah. Obviously.
I had my dress tailored at Ajeyas and had my make-up done by my best friend's aunt. She used to work at Bong Villanueva salon and would you believe me that she already makeup-ed  Anne Curtis, Sarah Geronimo and many other stars? She's a great make up artist and I really recommend her to you! Isn't it amazing that my face turned out so different? Hahaha! Whatever basta she's awesome especially the eyebrow job. Ang cool lang. Nga nga ako. It was home-serviced and few of my classmates namely: Rayza, Lira, Abby, and Bea went to our home to have our face be beautified. It was awesome and we had a great time.
Bestfriends for five years and still counting...
With my blogger bestie, Lira Cadorna (Vanilla Icecream).
Isn't she gorgeous, charming and pretty plus don't you love her dress?
It's awesome with large ribbon at the back.
To tell you a fact, the structure of my dress is inspired by Sherri Hill because most of their designs are corset and that V-shape. I DIY-ed the silver beading in my dress and I felt sorry that I weren't able to take a close picture of it. At the back, my design has xxxxx on it. (I don't know how to call it) and lastly, I DIY-ed my shoes. I put, just the the motif, hot pink sequins on my pumps. Ins't it cool? One good thing about these shoes are its skin because I can still remove the sequins without ruing it. I really love it!

PS: You might be wondering why our lips are pale because that's the first step in our beautification session with Ate Prency (makeup artist). After that shoot, we went back to the office (that's where we had our face and hair done). She re-touched our face and finally finalized it. You'll see my magenta lips on soon on my blog so stay tuned!

Guys, this is just part one. Click here (Part two) to see what happened in her birthday!

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