Saturday, June 8, 2013

Left Behind

Model na model ang peg ko no? Hahaha! Effect parin yan ng panonood ko ng ANTM lol! Forgive me. Hahaha! I pose like I'm late twenties. Sorry. Hahaha! Enjoy!

LEFT BEHIND: Have you heard this movie? If ever not, I tell you, watch it. You’ll be missing a huge part of your life if you didn’t (no jokes, just exaggeration). This movie gave me goose bumps and sweaty feelings. A feeling that is dissimilar compared to all other movies I’ve watched. I want this feeling to last forever. Thank God for this movie. I don’t want to tell you the story because I don’t want to be a spoiler and telling the movie’s plot and story is nothing compared when you watch it. People, this movie is just so awesome!

This Christian movie is something spiritual. This movie gives you more than kilig. This movie gives you more than handsome actors. This movie gives you more than you could imagine. This movie is a blessing because it helped us spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Got got it? 
After I’ve watched this movie, all I did was close my eyes and take a deep breath. I stopped for a while and thought about my purpose. It inspired me and I really hope that this is perpetual.
Left behind has many parts. I’ve watched from 1-3 only and I am hoping that I could download more left behind movies in the internet. The movie is beyond good and I won’t recommend you something that you won’t affect you. Infinity thumbs up!!
This is not an ootd. Photoshoot lang sa bahay! Hahaha! I always shoot in our 2nd floor's terrace and so to be different, I had an idea of shooting in our first floor's terrace that is smaller and we just maximized the space. Right now, we had the background screened already that definitely made our home looks like a bahay na bahay.  Nevertheless, it is safer because we don't need to worry to the annoying mosquitoes especially because rainy season is coming right?
So I present you my not-so-pink and not-so-white outfit. Agree? I am wearing my so-so-overused top and not-so-ombre diy shorts. And guess what? I am not-so-fond of saying 'not so' ironically. Well, not-so-really. Okay. Someone please stop me. I'm being weird again. Hahaha! Na windang ba kayo? Well, ako rin eh lol!
(Canadian top, JAG diy shorts)
I had this baggy pants diy-ed as ombre shorts last month and sorry for my late post! God Bless you all, people. Lovelots.
And before you close your browser let me just tell you that my mom's friend who is a police visited our shop and she saw me there and you know, she said that she saw my blog. I don't know where she found it since she's not my facebook's friend but I really got kilig pero straight face para professional. Hahaha! Stay tuned. Thousand styles are yet to come in this blog.

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