Saturday, June 1, 2013


DOF (Dapartment of Fashion)
Nothing. This just popped out of my mind.
You know, my older just went to Manila with my mom and the three of us just left here (dad, younger sister and I). It sucks because I feel desperately lonely. Anyway, despite of my loneliness, I am proud of my ate because she's taking microbiology which is a difficult pre-med course. God Bless her. That's all. Next topic please.
(Sunday ootd) Here's what I wore in the church. Grabe no? Ito suot ko sa simbahan. Kamusta? Okay ka lang? Lol, people! I also went to my summer class to have career guidance sadly, there was no CG so I still have to wait another week. Har har.
In my outfit, I tried something I never did before. My maxi skirt is actually a tube dress from Fashion 101. It's not that obvious unless you'll examine it closely because of its garter but one way or another, I liked it because I can use this dress in multiple ways. I paired it from my Fashion 101's crochet top. School is coming but remember summer isn't over yet.
People, I warn you. I am really a fan of ANTM and I get little inspired by their poses but what kind of craziness are these? I look so crazy and crazier because I tried these weirdo poses but I hope you'll like them. Hahaha! Watch out!
Shine bright like a diamond lang ang peg ng underarms ko!
Hahaha! Pagbigyan, please? Malay mo soon, ma sunburn.
Hahaha! So people, this is the effect of too much watching ANTM. Haha!
Too mature, darling. I feel like I wanted to delete this
but I don't want few shots on my blog so okay okay.
Let me keep this photograph.
Tada! Another shine bright like a diamond again! Hahaha! I told you. I'm crazy!!
I guess my title should be 'shine bright like a diamond' instead of 'DOF'. Haha!

School is coming and I can't promise that I can still update my blog. *Tears*
Have a blessed day, everyone!


  1. I absolutely love that skirt, you look so cute! (:

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  2. OMG! Thank you, Zoe. I love your blog plus you're definitely pretty. I'm currently scrolling your blog and I noticed some of your good poses I can do for my blog! Tehee~ Thank you, dear! God Bless! :)