Thursday, May 30, 2013


Annually, our family visits my grandpa's munting paraiso. It is a combination of beach and river.  Don't you love the shots? They're wonderful and I hope that as you scroll down, you'll be mystified like I do as always. Grandpa's paraiso is truly a wonder of nature. Several people wanted to buy our place but we, the current grandchildren of our clan, definitely didn't want that to be sold. I really believe that I didn't give enough evenhandedness in my photos because the place is thousand times better than the picture so here they are. I plainly used the app Camera 360.

I basically didn't know how to compile all my photos because they're hundred plus so I made a big decision to delete my other shots.
Our family is unmistakably conservative. We don't wear bikinis and short shorts. (You know, if I wear shorts in my blog, that's just inside our house and for blogging purposes. I don't want to wear them outside and neither will my parents allow me to. I guess, it is win win and fair decision between my parents and me) So don't ever expect me to wear like that. My 'DIY overload' is my most indecent post so far. Hahahaha!

My photography skills aren't that great but I always dream of being a pro photographer and I promise that this dream won’t just be a dream.

We spent three days there and all those days were truly remarkable and extraordinary. I definitely miss hanging out with my cousins, aunties and uncles. On our last day, we went to the other side of my grandpa's little paradise but I forgot to bring the camera so I wasn't able to capture the splendor of that area. I tell you, it is better than all the pictures you are seeing right now. Next time, I will post them in my blog so stay tuned.
With my mommy dearest!
How about porcupine for dinner? Euuykk! Hahaha!
Because my cousin is such a cutie handsome little boy! He's so meztiso right?
KC Conception's beach resort. Sorry for my blur shot. Dad's driving so fast eh.

So I hope that you'll like and love my 2013 summer travel post and sorry for posting them late.
 (We went there on 18th of May to celebrate my parents’ anniversary) 
I am looking forward to travel in farther places but for me, nothing beats my grandpa's.

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