Friday, May 10, 2013

Style Equations

So here are the outfit combos I found in tumblr and polyvore. In polyvore, you can make your own combo. I just joined the site and I severally attempted to create an outfit because the clothes that they feature there are the bomb but the internet is slow so you know.; I just boringly scrolled and stalked profiles there like the usual.

People, I don't want to interrupt you. I'm not gonna say my side comments TO the pictures below. All I wanted to say is that the clothes are the bomb and I wanted to wear them. If only I can download them in the internet, right? Fashion world would be cooler and better.

Anyway, I didn't own any of the pic below. Here are they:

(audience clapping) (crowd getting wild) (girls' eyes are widely opened)
It is not the end yet. I'll upload more so stay tuned. I also tagged them as ETC so if you get lost or something, just click that ETC link. I'm planning to be more organized so maybe, I'll add style equations and stylishzai pose in my blog tags. And that will be soon. What do you think? Take care guys!


  1. Wow, I hope my blog can become like yours! If you wouldn't mine, could you follow my blog? Mine is .

    1. You're so sweet. Thank you! =)) And I love your blog =)