Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring on Summer

So here I am again, procrastinating. I really wanted to post this but I am busily spending my time chatting on Facebook and Twitter. So anyway, it's already summer but by hook or by crook, I can't really feel it because it is still Holy Week and we still have to go to school for CAT purposes (OMG! CAT really?)

My outfit is spring inspired and spring and summer are somehow related because they both have the element of bright colors and more on neutrals. I wore this in our shooting for our Chinese project. We went to SkyBox and we literally owned the place. The movie we made is fine- just fine. And what made it harder is that the lines we’re supposed to say must be Chinese but yes, we did it! Hoooooraah!

OMG! Is that a pose? That is sooo landi! Forgive me please?
I just can't think of other poses to do so tadaaa! That is soo yucky! Hahaha!

I rarely dress like this and let me just tell you that most of my posts were taken in our house and I just wear them for blogging. Sipag ba? Indeed, I really don't wear shorts at all. It's not that I'm against, it's just that, I am not comfortable wearing it. I find it maikli and gjshkjasd (Well, lahat ng shorts maikli, kung mahaba ang weird naman shorts na long? Oh well!)

Brown boyfriend's polo + black top + multi-hued skirt + black stockings + brown flats
= What do you think?

I am somehow happy with the combination. How about you? :)

Here are the gadgets we brought that day! Shows that we aren't that techie after all!

Ice cream for good girls. The girls decided to go trying their ice cream while the boys ordered basket of fries. I haven't captured the fries that they ordered because they unbelievably dived in it already!

Hello! Here we are! Sorry for my weird and informal captions.
I'm just being me!
Enjoy summer, people! Love you all!

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