Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First And LAST

I miss blogging. It's like a passion lost for 2 weeks and now, it's baaack!!
You would probably notice something new in me!
Details: Cotton On (Dress), Reva (Flats), Natasha (Belt), Rob Dept. Store (Necklace)

I really regret that change; okay I'll tell you know. HAIR CHANGE!
Yes, I do! I feel like it was the worst hair decision I made. (Oh my! I'm so Nega!)
Well, I just freakin' miss my old hair. And I want it back. As in, Now Naaa!

This layered with bangs hairstyle will obviously be my First and Last. I always love those Julia Barretto's hair and tumblr hairspirations. That long and bouncy hair! Indeed, I do love that! Anyway, I don't want to sound soo negative because of this change. Girl, buhok lang yan. Hahaba din yan!

This is what I wore last last last Sunday. Don't you love the pattern of my dress? That dress was given to me by my cousin from US. I can't wait to wear all the dresses that she gave me. I just need a special occasion and tada! New post is up! I paired my dress with this flats and never mind my short legs (insecurities). I only have one pair of black flats because they do not fit my attitude and fashion sense since I am more on cute girly stuffs.

One fact about me: 
I am still one of those girls who prefer handwritten letter over FANCY text messages.

I might sound kidding but I really do love handwritten letters. I always love those letters with cute penmanship and coffee stains. They're so natural. It may sound weird but there is something unknowingly and indescribably beautiful in handwritten letters.


I am really indeed fat na no? Haaaay! I need extreme healthy lifestyle but how can I?
Eating is the best thing to do when you're bored, loveless, alone, and breathing!

Arm Candies: Black (Gift from cousin), Fossil (Watch), Brown Leather (Robinson Dept. Store-Male)

Just share a quote texted to me by my best friend:

"Just like a shoe, if someone is meant for you, they will fit perfectly.
No forcing. No struggling. No pain."

Happy Day/Night everyone! God Bless!