Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This is kind of long post. And I hope that your internet connection is moderately fast that you won't get bored waiting and then suddenly, you'll just close the browser. Awww, that is so sad and will make me cry.

Okay, so enough with the drama. My highlight is my camouflage shorts. I really like them although that pair of shorts is supposed to be worn indoors. Camo prints are in trend and extremely uso nowadays so I unquestionably felt happy when my mom bought me that when she was in Manila. I didn't really know she'll buy me that shorts. In fact, she doesn't even know that camo are uso and I crave one camo-printed item.
I decided to wear blazer to maintain a classy and sophisticated look. Did I gave justice? Tell me!

Actually, I have many photos to be posted but I have this thought that you might get bored so I only posted some of them. Hahaha! 'Some'
Pitch perfect churvalouuness pose. Hahaha!
Summer is basically my super free day that I spend hours basically doing nothing or just wasting my time watching the television. I am definitely enjoying my summer unlike before. This time, I became more mature and conscious about the look of our house that I keep on cleaning certain easy areas. I learn to initiate and do simple errands. If my sister will read this, she'll definitely shout noooo! But hey, somehow, I really improved *grins*. Hahahaha!
Who's prettier? Who's taller? Who's smarter? Hahaha! My twin! I miss her!
Thank you to all the people who never stop believing in me. Happy Summer, people. :)

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