Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brittle Beauty

Brittle Beauty?
Oh! Don't get me wrong. Brittle Beauty is a poem by Henry Howard. The title and the poem itself, is sweet and lovely to my ears. It has nothing to do with this post but if you want to make stories, then you can. This photo was taken on January 02 so I still look fat. I need diet-of course but I don't know how and I don't want to do the 'New Year Detox' thingy. Hahaha!

Floral Corset + Peplum Skirt = PERFECT MATCH
I decided to use this nude blazer as my cover up and to match the nude pumps that I am wearing then I realized that the outfit can better stand without that blazer. What do you think?

What did the attire said to the blazer? "I'm better off without you." Hahahahaa! Madrama 'to.

I am always dreaming to have a floral corset but now I have one, seems like I don't wanna wear it because it is to revealing plus the foam is too big. I guess, I need to put pandesal in it! Oh my! Don't get me wrong. I'm kidding again. Just pretend we're all girls here! Hahahaha!

This photo was taken the same day to my other post (with me wearing VJ). Obvious ba? Secret lang ha? Okay, so I bought my top and skirt in the internet! Yes! I am now an internet shopper. Internet is so big and so, you can find different beautiful clothes there plus you don't have to worry if you will have a classmate wearing the same attire that you will wear the next day.

Sorry if I am photo-bombing! I know you are getting bored seeing my face in same angles or in same backgrounds! Forgive me! Hey you, forgive me! To my dear stalker (what other term should I use), you probably knew my secret! Hahahaha! The zoom job? That's a secret but I keep on saying it. I hope you don't understand what I am saying.

 Have you heard this song?
DJ Earworm Mashup - United State of Pop 2012 (Shine Brighter)
If ever not, go to youtube and listen ASAP. It's a mash-up of hit songs on 2012.
(Call me Maybe, Payphone, Diamonds, Starships, We are young, It will rain, etc!)
I love how the DJ did his job in mash-up-ing. You too might love it!

Details: Internet (Corset and peplum skirt)

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