Monday, May 6, 2013


I have set of songs that I play each time I experience a particular mood. Songs that make me realize life and its worth; make me re-evaluate myself, and make me feel many more apprehensions. Songs are really powerful and at times, it is the only thing that can understand us or can make our feelings into words. Songs are truly beyond amazing. Can you imagine without it? I don’t think so.
I basically have many favorite songs and artists. Aside from Hillsong, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Taylor Swift, The Script, Maroon 5, and many other artists and bands, I will tell you my set of favorites that is not-so-popular. This set is simple yet meaningful and it replays thousand memories in my mind. These are songs that I basically listen everyday but I still can’t memorize the lyrics and can’t sing it since it is inappropriate with my voice plus the artists of these songs are really unknown to my mind. It’s like when I heard this song, *poof* I like it and I don’t mind researching the background of the artists and his albums. So here are the songs I listen and so far, my temporary set of favorites:
  1.  I'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About- Mayday Parade
  2.  Better together- Jack Johnson
  3.  The Lighthouse and The Whaler-The Adriatic (This Is an Adventure)
  4.  Don't Tell Me - Lakyn

Okay, so I am also a fan of youtubers and here are my top favorites. I basically love listening to their covers because it’s like cloud nine into my ears. Sometimes, their covers are better than the originals. Their voices are really stunning and I wish I could be like them. Hahaha! So here are my top favorites:

My outfit is coincidentally similar to one of my favorite bloggers, Dani Barretto (Julia's older sister). Can't you see? Our outfits are pretty much identical. This post had been sleeping in my draft area because I can't think better captions. The exact moment I saw Dani's new post in her blog; I was amazed that we almost have the same outfit! Isn't that cool! Great minds think alike! Good job for us, Ate Dani.

I basically wanted to have more shoots with the nature background like the 1st and 2nd pic but the photographs were so dark and blur and it is too late for me to realize that I can actually edit them.
To my outfit, I wanted you to picture the real summer vibe so I wore an outfit that can be worn in the beach. It looks inappropriate because I am wearing this garments but the background didn't suite my attire but excuse my background because I am factually not heading to the beach. I am really not an outdoor person and I typically don't love beaches but it doesn't mean that I hate beaches, it's just that, I don't want my skin to be tan and lol, I don't even know how to swim. Cry cry!
Black and white are bestfriends and pairing them never get baduy because ever since, they are made for each other. I hope I can find someone that like that; someone who is actually made for me. Hahaha! Lakas sumegway ng emotional churvaness!

I decided to use many filters because all of the effects in the app that I am using are really good. Sticking to uniformed effects is somehow boring but consistent for me like all black and white filter in your post and this and that (Except the real and original color. It is definitely essential!).

Anyways, our summer school is about to end. It is da bomb! Many lessons replayed in my mind and I really hope that I won't get mental blocked in the upcoming entrance examinations. One thing I'll be sure is that I'll really get horrible black butterflies in my stomach. It's my attitude. Each time I feel nervous, I can't focus and ended up feeling nauseated the whole time and the worst thing that can happen would be me stuck in the rest room don't know what to do. You get the point! Hahaha! Hashtag #MedyoBadGirl.
I hope that you would love the songs and the youtubers I posted above. And I hope that you'll have a great day today! Always remember that God will never leave us through thin or thick.
June is coming which is kind of excruciating for me because I still don't want to go to school for the reason that in every day that will pass, it also shortens my stay in my school with my awesome buddies. I don't want the school to end. I don't want graduation yet. That's somehow far for you guys but I can now feel the 'I'll miss you vibe'. Pretty much.
But needless to say, everyday is a blessing and this is life. It's not always the way we wanted so delete all the abhorrence words I just typed. Life is beautiful the way it is.
A Thousand Styles!

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