Sunday, March 31, 2013


Before anything else, let me just tell you that this is not a LITERAL travel post. My point in here is that every picture is a different topic that makes you travel from a different place to another different place and from that to... well you get the picture.

I hope you'll read the captions because sometimes descriptions are more captivating and imperative than the pictures (though it is a fashion blog). Because guys and girls, I really wanted to give you more than that. More than glamorous outfits, wonderful ootds, luxurious brands, divine backgrounds. I want to share a different picture that might change a perception-your perception.

One word-Enjoy!

I really wanted to apologize for being harshly informal in my previous post nonetheless, I didn't regret it. In fact, I am just being me.

Okay. Enough with that.
Below are low quality pictures. I, myself, did my very best (maybe not yet) to make them look like they're not. Furthermore, I added texts below to add crisp and zest. Ano daw? Bet ko mag English!

This is what I wore last month as my ootd on Sunday. I was basically thinking to wear this nude pumps but my dad said that 'it is too maarte' so I quickly changed. My parents are mostly like that. They are against my styles. They don't like it each time I am wearing cardigan because it is hot plus they really wanted me to wear dresses and skirts and like this and like that. I am not opposing to them. In fact, I love it because it just shows that they care on how I look and how I dress. Don't you love it? When someone puts effort to you? Yes, it is indeed overwhelming.

"Love yourself first"
Sino pa ba ang ibang magmamahal sa'yo kundi ikaw mismo. Ikaw! Ang sarili mo.
But this line is unfinished because it must be God first. Agree? God must be our first love because without Him, we will no longer understand love. We will be blindfolded by worldly things thinking it is love when it fact it is not because the real love is God.

"Stay positive"

Indeed. No matter how many struggles we are getting through; no matter how hard it is for us to remain serene and be tough... stay positive.
Yan nalang nga ang pinanghahawakan mo eh; yang positibong pananaw mo so bakit mo pa pakakawalan?
And we must always remember that God wouldn't give us problems we can't handle so whatever circumstance we are now facing, we must be positive that tomorrow will be better.


Lahat naman siguro tayo may sariling pangarap pero wag natin kakalimutan na ang this is not our dream world. This is the reality. Dapat alam parin natin yung difference ng reality at dream kasi baka one day maging desperate ka nalang sa buhay mo kasi you spent the rest of your life living in your dreams....
My point in here is that each of our dreams is achievable and nothing is impossible but on the other hand, let us not forget that this is the real world. This is the world that we're living. And we must live because of our dreams and because of God and not; live in our dreams.
Can't think of other good words to say. Haha! Okay so, don't let our dreams always be dreams okay?

"Life is a beautiful struggle"
Kahit ano pang sabihin natin kung gaano naging unfair ang mundo sa buhay natin, mahirap parin i-deny yung fact na life is indeed beautiful.
Life is a beautiful struggle. Why? Because each struggle and difficulty builds us and that helps us to live our life more remarkable and more meaningful. Each hardship that we encounter in our lives helps us today and tomorrow. It helps us to be stronger, wiser and better. Life may have ups and downs but that is definitely the essence of life because without those, we would have been dead.

Here is my last picture:

You see? There are no differences. I guess if you would just study the picture and yeah, at least stare at it, you'll get its meaning. We all have different interpretations and understanding, but somehow, it is still the similar and you probably get what I meant. Because what matters most is the inside, not the outside.

Happy Easter Sunday! God is love! 

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