Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning; school is coming; rain is falling; all you want to do is to watch the rain drop from the gray sky with your favorite hot tea and re-read your book for the nth time. All you want to do is to re-evaluate life; rethink all the things you’ve done without regretting them because you knew it helped you a lot. It transformed you into a better version of yourself and you are looking forward to see the better out of the better of yourself.

Sunday is actually my faith day. It is when I wake up early in the morning and think think and think. It is when I understand myself in a magical way. It is when I see countless flaws about my life but still love it anyway. Sunday is more than just a day. It is more than a word. Sunday is supernatural.
{People, the mug is just a props. There's no tea in it.}

These photos weren’t taken on Sunday but one way or another, these remind me of my faith day in a amiably way. As you can see, I wore a polo dress with my messy hair to achieve a just-got-out-of-bed look, belt that cinch my waist and a pair of bling bling shoes to add an awesome flavor.

Have you ever felt a feeling wherein you think thousand thoughts and you wonder how come your mind doesn’t even fall apart; exploding and blowing in a bloodcurdling way? Have you ever felt a feeling wherein you’re just sitting there alone in your bed and you feel so happy without a specific reason? Life is really beautiful and it is too good to formulate into words. I’ll never get tired of saying this fact. It is not redundant. It is not a false hope. Life is beautiful the way it is. Believe it or not, I feel it. I feel the beauty grasps my arms telling me to absorb it- to absorb the beauty.
{Sorry for my faulty structure. I really didn't believe that bloggers or writers do have to be good in structuring a sentence and writing in English. What I believe is, as you write from your heart, there will be no problems. You are, being yourself, a good writer.}
{I look so emo. But people, I'm trying to picture a serious version of me.}
People, I feel so inspired that I wrote this. I apologize because I can’t write them the way I feel the magnificence. I can’t write them I way I wanted because as I’ve said, they’re good to make into words. The feeling I feel right now is epic.
{Rhapsody Dress, sister's belt}

To end this, I wanted to tell to all of you that life is beautiful and its beauty is everywhere. You don’t have to find it because it’s there hoping to be noticed. We may not understand its beauty because we get too attached to our dream life. Time after time, we have to disregard them and just live life into the fullest.

Sorry people for photo-bombing you. My sister really tried her best to capture every single angle so I wanted to share her hardworks to you. What do you think? After all, you deserve a good post. Baka kasi sabihin niyo, hindi ako nag-eefort. Lol! I kid. Love you, people! 

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