Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I have several drafts to be posted but I wanted this to publish first. I finally made it to the top! And my rank is my title. Obvious ba? I felt kind of bad first because my aim is to be in the top 5 (who doesn't want medal?) but I really know that my efforts are vanishing since I am getting lazier and lazier as I get closer to summer so I am still lucky that I ranked 6. I thought I'll be eliminated (love the term).

So before I start, I wanted to know your opinions about my new design. I also changed my template though it's not obvious and I finally removed the shadow borders of my pictures. I am somehow satisfied and happy. How about you? Please do comment your opinions, suggestions and requests on my blog and I will reply ASAP. I really appreciate those kinds of efforts. There's no feeling-close stuff like that to me. You can be the friendliest person if you want to.

My title would probably be "Ms. Brown" or "Brownies" but I decided to make it "Sixth" because it's my rank!

As you can clearly see, I am wearing all hues of brown and neutral color from top to toe. My dress acted as a lace long-sleeved top and a tutu skirt. I also wore a gold belt. I am actually planning to wear brown braided belt but that belt had been my witness in my school's achievements since I wore that when I was in my sophomore year and I shockingly ranked 5th.
(I ranked 10th in first grading then 10th again then 7th then 5th. I really can't believe that happened.)
I also wore a pair of brown heels, necklace with pearls and a satchel bag. I didn't wear make-up, bracelets and earrings because I believe that the overall look can stand without those. Well, maybe. What do you think?
I don't want to make my captions long but I can't help it! I am just freaking talkative. However, I still doubt if you read my captions. Do you find them boring? Do you read them? Please comment! I would love to know the truth. I hope you'll enjoy scrolling through my page. Actually, I got higher views recently. Maybe because of the new design. I hope you'll never get tired of checking my blog each time I have a new post. You don't really know how hard it is for me to hide my kiligs and cheeseballs!
Guess where am I? Outside dad's office! New background finally!
My sister, mom and I! My mom is just so lovely. Isn't she?

But people, I want you to know that it's not all about the knowledge in school. That doesn't define your capabilities as yourself. Being on top doesn't mean you're the best. Being on top doesn't mean you're the smartest and all-knowing. Remember, we can't bring our medals in heaven! However, I still salute the people who made it. Their efforts..our efforts, dramas, stressful and sleepless nights were really given justice.
I first and foremost offer this achievement to God and my family. They had been my companion, inspiration and strength. They are the ones who loved me when I am very unlovable and in my darkest hours. I could no longer ask for more. I hope that in the next school year, I'll persevere more because I know that I still didn't give my best yet.

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