Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Reconigiton day + HBS's 17th
This is exactly the dress and the belt that I wore during our recognition but as you can see, my look changed. I decided to wear black stockings and sneakers because I will be attending one of my special friend's rock-themed birthday. Guess who is she? Scroll down to know the answer.
Timmy Hussin also known as Honeybearsweetheart. We decided to have names with each other. I call her honeybearsweetheart while she calls me mushishiwareverpie. Long names isn't it?

Our friendship started during JS Camp. We were team mates! Team John for the win! JS Camp was really wonderful and seniors and juniors indeed became closer. I never really thought that JS Camp would give me thousand memories and numerous real friends. JS Camp is unusual. It is remarkable.

Going back to the main topic, people don't really know how close we are because we don't talk too much in personal. We frequently chat with each other and talk about the most random things that randomly popped in our heads and super crazy and weird stuffs. With her, I can be myself without worrying if she'll judge me or not. She is my closest senior friend and now, she just graduated. Oh! How time flies and I'll surely miss her.
Just so you know, all of the seniors were invited and only few juniors. We were only four there and I am the only girl however, that doesn't stop me from enjoying the night.
Their house is really big and you'll really have the expression of 'nga nga'. I didn't mingle with other people only with my batch mates. We talked about random things but mostly about God. Wow. I really learned many things that night.
Ate Fat,
This is the first time I'm gonna give you my gratitude in public. You don't know how much you mean to me. Thank you for bearing my kaartehan, kadramahan, kalokohan, kadaldalan and et cetera et cetera. May God bless you and I'll always be here for you through thin or thick. Love you!
(Ayoko na dito magpaka echos at mag kalat LOL! Kaya iiklian ko nalang. Ibubulong ko nalang yung iba pag nagkita na tayo!)
I didn't went to the food area; I just simply asked my classmate to bring me cupcakes and look what he gave me! I really thought he'll just bring one or two cupcakes but hey! They're five. I ate them all plus the other food in our table. I frankly can't breathe sa dinami nang kinain ko. Hahaha!

Happy Summer everyone! God Bless!
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