Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuna Story

Why is my title focuses on tuna? There's no tuna in my outfit anyway since I definitely don't have naman. But I have a tuna somewhere. Guess where is the tuna? OKAY. Take a deep breath and don't breathe out lol. I kid. The tuna is actually in my stomach. No joke. There is. O-M-G!

I am eating, I was eating, and I will be eating tuna the whole summer. Isn’t that cool?

My dad's client gave us a gargantuan tuna and by chance, it fits our fridge! I am basically eating tuna since late April and I find it really healthy and finely fine. I guess, every now and then, I have to forget my love of pork and stick to what is healthy which is fish.

But you know, I am planning to use 'frustrated' as my title but it doesn't sound pleasing. Let me explain. Don't get me wrong. I am not frustrated with anybody. I am such a frustrated cook and I am slowly learning on how to cook basic foods like hotdog, fried tuna and egg.
“It doesn’t matter how slow you go up as long as you do not stop.”
But, I ended up using 'tuna' (tuna story to make it better) as my title since it will be in my belly the whole summer and eating tuna the whole month is not boring after all.

My sister, our summer chef, (with the help of mom and sometimes, mom alone) tried numerous ways on how to cook tuna just to make sure that we'll not get tired of the food that we'll eat. We tried tuna with veggies, pancake-d tuna, fried tuna, scrambled tuna, tuna balls, sinigang na tuna, adobong tuna, tuna itself, inihaw na tuna and yes- you name it.

And what I figured out? Tuna is such a tuna. Hahaha! Nothing really. Tuna is a food.
This is what I wore last month in the church. When I grab my heels, dad automatically said that it is too maarte so I ended up wearing flats. Okay, too bad to a midget petite like me. I wore an outfit that is simple and comfortable. Mango top, belt to hold and to give shape, watch, cotton pants, and flats.
What do you think?
So, Ed Sheeran told me sexy. OMG!

Here is the tuna that dad's client gave us! This is actually her smallest tuna so she just decided to give it to us as a friendship offering (lol my term. IDK what to say. Forgive me!). It is really big and it is my first time to see such a huge tuna like this! Well, mom said that in the wet market, there are bigger and fuller tunas sadly; it's been awhile from the last time I went there.
I hope you understand my tuna story. Hahaha! Sorry x_x

Happy Day to everyone and I thank the two persons who did their 'stylishzai' pose. People, do your 'stylishzai' pose too and I'll surely post your picture/s in my blog! Lovelots!

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