Friday, April 26, 2013

C'est la vie

Take time to read. Please.
C'est la vie is That’s life” in French.
That’s life.
We always say that aren’t we? And there is nothing wrong-really. ‘That’s life’ is such a widespread word and mainly has two meanings. Either you care to that person but you couldn’t think of any other words to cheer her up so you ended saying “that’s life.”  OR you just don’t care at all but you don’t want to upset her feelings so instead of saying “I don’t care.”, you said “That’s life.”

When you just broke up with your first boyfriend and you badly feel unloved and unworthy…
that’s life.
When you are depressingly doing your best to get the attention of the girl of your dreams and still being unnoticed…
that’s life.
When people always judge you no matter how good you are to them…
that’s life.
When your 10 years bestfriend found someone better than you and she just left you like nothing worthwhile happened between you and her…
that’s life.
When you are doing beyond your best to be the best but all of your efforts seem unrecognized and not enough…
that’s life.
When you always have that picture of what you really planned and then all of a sudden, everything turned out to be the exact opposite…
that’s life.
When the world hates you and you feel like there is nothing right happening in your life…
that’s life.
When (story), that’s life.

That’s life. Oh, that’s life. As I can see, it shows that we have to accept life as it is. We have to accept the fact that life won’t be the way that is used to. We have to accept that life isn’t always as you thought it would be. There are good things that will happen and bad things as well. And, Life wouldn’t always be your bestfriend.

And I guess, instead of dwelling to the things that crushes us inside, why don’t we focus to the positive angle of life. Why don’t we stop and think all the blessings we have and had in our lives. Why don’t we?

Life is beautiful and no matter how bad we feel each time we experience problems, we should somehow force ourselves to believe the fact that life is still beautiful. There is no point of feeling unloved and grief because in the first place, He loved us and that love is eternal. Yes, that’s life. That’s life and that life is beautiful. Agree? It is and will always be.
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{Photographer: Janine Awat}

There are little things in life that inspires me to write and this was the effect. I believe that blogging is not just all about expressing yourself but rather, inspiring other people with your words. I am not gifted with great writing capabilities but one way or another; I still write because for me; a real writer is not born, but raised. A real writer perseveres and believes that one time, he’ll be great.

I always hope that one day; I can express the thoughts in my head into words. That one day, I can write them into a book- exquisite and majestic book. You know that I am not a lover of books which is kind of ironic because most writers love books. Where do I get my inspiration? Well, I get them in other people’s blog, tumblr, random quotes and mainly, to the pieces of my self that either repair me or fracture me.

As you can notice, I post about fashion but my captions are mostly all about my life story and simple senseless stuffs. I am clueless about fashion. I don’t know the valid rules and I don’t even want to know it. I dress the way I wanted. I dress without the opinion of others. I dress to express my self. That’s it and that is my definition of fashion. It is not about wearing new and branded clothes but it is all about feeling comfortable with a scoop of style and sprinkles of self-expression.

People, I hope that I inspired you. I hope that you read all the words above. And I hope that you’ll never get tired of clicking my blog link each time I post it on my Facebook, Twitter, or any other networks.
PS: Life is beautiful.

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