Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dizzy Breezy

{Clearer Details}
{Camera: iPad3}
{Place: Home}
{Photographer: Janine Awat}

So how’s your summer everyone? To tell you another piece of me, I attend summer class every other day. It is really enjoying and 99% of us are in the same school. Of course, we all planned it. I cannot feel the pressure and the worry-about-what-college-school-will-I-pass vibe nonetheless; I still do simple efforts.
Dizzy Breezy. What a rhyme! Actually, it was the first 2 words that popped my mind this minute and I don’t want to make any changes.

“My outfit is so nay and it dizzies me.”, “Too summery.”, “Excess use of florals.”, “False combo.” What other words will describe my apparel?

Floral and floral combination is not bad as long as we’ll pair them in family colors like dark green to light green or just use reflexive colors like red to red. My outfit, on the other hand, didn’t follow the rule but I love it. I suppose that sometimes, we have to break the rules or better, create rules.

People, have you read my post about ‘that’s life’ thing? Take time to read them and let me know your opinions and suggestions. I would love to and don’t forget to post a picture of you doing ‘stylishzai’ pose.
PS: Be happy!
Lakas maka selfie! Hahaha! Sharing you my most favorite selfie in that vain moment.