Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Red Velvet

Thank you for visiting my blog today!

Red velvet captured many hearts of the people. I, myself like red velvets too but I am still a craver and a fulltime lover of chocolate-flavored foods.

My outfit is red velvet colored from my shoulders down to my knee. Don’t you love my patterned top and my silky red velvet shorts? It’s so red velvet! (Red velvet words overload!)

Summer is here and I frankly say that I don’t miss school (maybe just 1 percent) because my body wants a big rest and it misses my lazy boring day wherein I would just randomly surf about things, read countless quotes, stare and lick pictures (because the person is so perf that makes me lick the screen. Haha! Gross Zai!) and lastly, if things get worst, just keep refresh-ing my browser…

So now, what are your plans? I definitely have no plans yet but if I will have, I’ll put BIG rest as my main objective. Such a lazy girl ehh?

Our recognition day occurred on Saturday and I can’t wait to blog about it. I’m wearing all skin-toned from top to toe.

Change topic. So I have this in my mind to remove the shadow effect around my photos? Can you see them? But sadly, I don’t know how (insert crying voice here). I’ve been searching about it but I guess it is from my template so what now? I have to change my blog template and start all over again? Noooo! Therefore I have this plan to experiment and do my loser tricks. I hope they’ll be effective.

My pictures are basically big as ever. That is my one goal and I hope that you appreciate it. What do you think? 

I have this plan to blog something about foods and cute clothes I got from tumblr therefore if I’ll have a time and motivation, I’ll post it. Actually, one issue here is that the upload button loads mabagal talaga and sometimes error. *sighs* Patience patience!

Enjoy people.
I really wonder if you read my captions because sometimes they’re really mahaba and most of the time boring and senseless butto those who take time to read them, thank you very much!
And to those who don’t, thank you for visiting my blog anyway!
Happy summer and happy holy week!
May God be always in always in our hearts.


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