Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pretentious DIY

This is my 2nd DIY creation. I have many DIYs but I prefer to call them repairs -slash- renovated apparels because nothing really changed. For me, DIY is your own creation and it is transforming a material into something breathtaking (*sparks sparks*).

I mainly got this idea from Kryz Uy's Sinulog festival post.
Before, it was plainly a simple blouse from HDC and what I did was, I fringed the bottom, weaved the back and cut the sleeves!
You'll see them as you scroll my page! Booom! (sound of atomic bomb!)

I did this during our exam day and when my sister saw me wearing this, she uttered: "Nag-damit ka pa." "Don't post that on FB ha?" Awww sister, you're being too sweet (no sarcasm). That's why I posted the topmost picture in Facebook because I straightforwardly don't want to be caught posting this in the most public account of mine- Facebook!
Don't worry; I won't wear this out naman! That's me. Each time I do DIY, I don't wear them outside. I just don't feel it. It's like I don't trust my DIY skills. And many this and that reasons.

I paired my DIY top with my summer shorts because the top is too dull! 
Okay, so I lack chest department plus my tummy is getting bigger already!
Please don't mind them! Hahahaha! If we're just all girls here, I would spill 3 reasons why....

Black and white filter is the best effect each time I do this serious pose.
It definitely adds fierce touch. Agree?

The top is really pretentious...
It definitely looks conservative in front..

Tada! Boom boom boom! How pretentious right folks?
Too much skin is bad!
I really don't have guts to wear and post this in public but
I,myself made this so yeah, now they're here. (little girls laughing)

I was was wearing a lace tube with no foams (that is why).
Oh well! That's how detailed the weaves are!
They're not really pantay so forgive me. Can you?

I was done editing the pictures...
And then, I've realized baliktad pala pagkasuot ko!

"Some people let their beauty show, because they want the world to see it. Others hide their beauty because they want the world to see more."

And yes, the quote contradicts the pictures but I truly believe in that and 'Less is sexy' right? 'The less you reveal, the more people wonder; and that's makes a mysteriously appealing and sexy!

When you see me somewhere, you'll notice that I don't dress like this because my blog is the other part of me. I have numerous attitudes and senses.
I don't even wear shorts outside and I seldom wear dresses and heels. Again,
My blog is the other part of me.

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