Friday, February 15, 2013

100th on 14th

 Today is 5th of February but I made this (draft) on 13th. I really want to post this on 14th to perfectly justify my title but I was busy dating my loved ones plus connection error so yeah, let's just assume that today is the Heart's Day!

First of all, I wanted to greet everyone a Happy Hearts Day!

This is actually my one-hundredth post and I coincidentally posted it on fourteenth-hearts day!
My bestfriend aka sister from another mother- Rayza told me that I should say Hearts Day instead of Valentine's Day and yes, I am obedient so yeah, again.... Happy Hearts Day!
Indeed. Hearts Day is not just for lovers, partners, and puppy love. It is a day where we can give more love to our parents, pets, siblings, teachers and etc.  Let us not be bitter. I don't have a date but I am happy and being single means freedom and who wouldn't want that?

Primarily, it may sound so religious but let me tell you that Hearts Day is basically dedicated for God. For He has given us an eternal love- the love that we don't deserve; the love that is prevailing; the love that saved us.

To make it all short, Heart's Day is every day and today is just the celebration! We shall love the person who treats us right and leads us to accurate path.

This is still a part of Fashion 101 pictorial. Don't you love the stylishness of that shoulder-less top and floral high-waisted shorts? If you really do, go to our shop! Yes, you must! There are still stocks and they're available in many colors! In addition to that, we have new clothes since mommy just went to Manila. I don't know if I will post them since examination is just next week! (cry cry cry!)

One of my favorite photos!
Gosh, I have muscles!

The apparel really visualizes a petite frame.
Yeah, I look thinner and I love it.
So recently, I am gaining pounds and kilos every day!
It is undeniably hard for a student to do the diet thingy especially
if she enjoys eating and makes eating as an anti-stress!
Am I referring to myself?
Well, foods are hard to resist!

DETAILS: Clothes are from Fashion 101 (Top: Php 300.00, Shorts: Php.00)

 I think my blogger favorite, Kryz Uy revealed all the words I want to say so here, I simply quoted it.

"I don’t think anyone has the right to feel bitter about Valentines day, unless they can’t name a single person in the whole world who loves and cares for them. I’m blessed to have so many in my life, and to be that someone for many other people. So even if you’re single, dating, married, in a relationship… or the controversial: its complicated, I’m obligating you to give your special someone (or someones) something special tomorrow. Be it a single rose or a dozen, a shy smile hello, or a long awaited “i forgive you.” Let’s make tomorrow count. It’s not just about the hallmark greetings and cheesy love notes, or Single’s parties and tubs of ice cream. Valentines day should be a day where we celebrate love with the people we most care about."

"People call it Valentine's Day, I call it Thursday."
(One of the popular photos is Instagram)

Bitterness is not allowed here! Too much sweet is bad. Let's be in between.
And let's be happy to couples out there who is enjoying their dinner dates with their loved ones.

This is what I gave to my bestest friend. We've been together for 5 years and we're still counting!
I made this as a tarpaulin because I really want her to receive out of the blue gifts! I added handwritten letters that we believe will never go out of style. Yieeee! Sweetness! You too might try that!

To end this, God is Love and Love is God!

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