Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dustiest Corner

First thing that will probably pop in your unpredictable mind when you see this picture is: Hey, you wore that in your other posts! Yes, because this is fundamentally the dress/skirt I am advertising to all of you and yes again because repetition of clothes is basically not bad as long as you know how to do the modus operandi.
The technique comes in many ways. You can wore the dress as your top and pair it with a skirt you desire, the dress itself, dress as skirt with your favorite top, your dress with it! Style is eternal. They are no rules. They are no limitations as long as you dress comfortably and with respect. Fashion is fashion.

And oh, I forgot to tell you my freaking abnormally cognizant title. I just find the title too sweet for my ears. I don't know why and I don't want to stress myself thinking about the definite reason why I like the word dustiest corner. Anyway, that was my title in our essay in English I wrote few weeks ago and uhuh, the title is still in my mind hitting me inexplicably.

I still have many drafts in my blog then (….) I learned one blog thing: The larger-ing of pictures. Oh my! I even uploaded the pictures of my next 8 posts!  And of course, after I publish my remaining drafts, I will post a post that has bigger pictures so watch out. I even made a draft na but 3 photos only.
My blogging skills are really advance. Don’ get me wrong. I am just exercising my own pride. Hahaha! I find blogging and all the things I love really enjoying (Duh, I love it!)

My outfit is kind of baduy but never mind it. Binabawi ko na lang sa photos! Okay everyone!
The top that I am wearing is Php 300.00 and the dress I worn as skirt is Php 365.00 only!

You know when you have 3 things/topics/etc  you love but you only have to choose one? That’s my position right now. I basically don’t know my most love title for my thesis. I don’t want to state them so far since I am just starting. Each topic has its own different interesting parts. And every time I survey my classmates, it is always a tie! Yaaay! Plus, they all have their diverse own opinions-opinions that always makes me think! I don’t want to act like a child. I don’t want to stress myself so I will just plainly practice brainstorming. Whatever!

Being hurt is something you can't stop from happening but being miserable is your choice.
Do you ever just wanna do a backflip but realize you can't?
Do not chase people. The right person who belongs in your life will come to you and stay.

Giving you the quotes I tweted on Twitter. The 2nd one is the best!
Happy lovely day/aft/night!
ATS (with love)

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