Wednesday, February 6, 2013

After Effects

Before anything else, let me just clarify my post title.
My title is not about the After Effects in video editing application.
Last Saturday, we had our annual Sports Festival and I truly had fun and here's what I did and what occurred before and after.
  • I really jogged because I desperately wanted to have that coca-cola with abs tummy but fundamentally I desire to have a healthy lifestyle. I don't go to gym and I don't exercise! Hahaha! That's why I have this one large pack of ab(s)!
  • I had community service because it is part of our COCC. We carried giant instruments and whatsoever! My body is blooding with sweats that you can literally wring my top and sweats will be pouring!
  • That monthly girl problem
  • After the fun run,  I went to Skybox with my crazy and daring friends. We tried eat-all-you-can cakes and coffees! You know what happened next, I had throat problem! TT_TT Twas not a regret, I really enjoyed that chit-chatting we had there!
  • That 3 hours of sleep plus stress.
It is tiring and at the same time enjoying.
And what are the after effects? On Sunday, I cannot get up in my bed. It was one of the physically hardest times! I cannot walk straight and each time I move my hands, legs..... ugh it's too excruciating however those days will never be forgotten because it prove that MY EXERCISE IS EFFECTIVE! Yehey!

So here was my outfit last Sunday. Sunday is a fun day with my family! We usually go to random shops and eat together. Our trip (acca-cuse me for my term!) that time was to watch movie-Chinese Zodiac. Here's what I wore:

Since my body is out of nowhere, I wanted to move comfortably and wearing dress is a must. Yeah, I must not let people know that I am weary and lost. Pairing the yellow patterned dress with a pop up color-neon yellow belt added flavor plus collaborating with leopard sneakers and black stockings. What do you think?

DETAILS: Cotton On (Dress), NCCC (stockings),Vans (sneakers),
Fossil (Watch), Rob. Dept store (bracelet), Jellybean (neon belt)
Shall I say that this is candid? I am not prepared!
Family picture. They all have that touch of blue except me! Haha!
Tip-toeing is effective plus that cross legs to make it unoticeable.
 Acca-amazing right?

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