Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Unknown Future

My life is indeed unknown. It is a mystery that is hard to apprehend. It is full of challenges that are both solved and unsolved. And so as my future. There are numerous instances that I want to know my future but how will I? It can never be known or acknowledged.
I always believe that a good future starts with a good plan. Since my parents taught me to dream and to believe, I have these thirsty thoughts piled in my mind that is connected in my future:
What I mainly want? To be happy but as days go by, I get too detailed and I just don’t want happiness for myself but for everyone. My happiness is not about getting what I want but my needs. It is seeing people around me eat thrice a day. Happiness, for me, is seeing the world happy with one God.
My dream doesn’t end there. I want to be a lawyer in the vein of my father and an accountant then all of a sudden, I began dreaming to be a photographer and a trendsetter.
I want to travel around the world and discover the secrets of life. I want to find my true love; the love that God had destined me. I also want to do things that are magnificently out of this world. I want to see the real world, the beauty of pain and flaws. I want to go out of my comfort zone but not beyond my limitations. I want to find my true self. I want to live life to the fullest.
In addition, I want to be an asset and a role model of the youth. I want to inspire many people in my own language. I want to be a hero in my own little actions. But most importantly, I want everyone know my God not by words but by actions and by heavenly deeds.
I want to be everything then I realized that I am basically making my future just confusing and bewildering.
A light appeared and helped me understand all the happenings in my life. It answered all my questions that are indeed in front of my two eyes.
I learned that to have an excellent future, it starts by knowing ourselves better and loving our Creator. He is the writer of our lives and everything happens in His better purpose and plan. And yes, we don’t have to worry and doubt since God is with us and He won’t do anything to harm us as well.
To sum up all, my future is yet undefined and undiscovered. There are countless doors for me to choose in my way but I don’t have to worry since God is with me.

I believe, the essay elucidated everything I need to say nevertheless, I always keep in mind that no matter how we try to think of our future, it doesn’t mean that it will be like that or this. God has his better plan ahead of us and no one on Earth can say that he knows his own future. Agree?

This is what I wore last Sunday. I am essentially getting lazy in dressing up. I currently have this habit of wearing the first top I saw in my closet. Please, prevent me from getting used to that habit! The top helped me hide my future fats because I will be eating like a dinosaur later. I collaborated my top with gray leggings to add flavor and a pair of heels to add an urbane look.

Blogger problems: Time and weather. Yes, bloggers need to have a fine background plus good weather conditions for the reason that sometimes, it only takes a good background to have a good picture and sometimes the background primarily matters than the outfit. I usually went home late so I have to have perfect ventilation inside our house to have excellent quality pictures. Excuse me for this low quality photographs. I promise to do more efforts soon!

Superman pose? =)

Details: Top and Bottom (Manila), Shoes (TOM'S)

Hi foods! Yes, I am few inches away from temptation.
There are foods everywhere and I can't resist not to eat them all.
I am a monster! Hahaha!
 Have a blessed day everyone!

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