Friday, January 4, 2013


I've been dreaming to have these Tomato products for 20 days. (Did I count it right?) I tried to do the e-mail and deposit cash thingy but due to LBC crises, I just decided not to continue the internet shopping process. Ate (housekeeper) tried to do the fill-up-ing for 3 days straight but because it was the end of December, yaah, there are irrepressible problems.
Don't you love their Aztec planner and wallet plus their watch  with lightweight jelly straps? And you wouldn't believe me if I say that the two products will only cost you around 1K. Yeah, that's 1K shopping only! I really love the December combo sale (anything sale) but because my I don't have any friends nor boyfriends (emeged, It never crossed my mind!) to accompany me in my sale shopping so I tried in the internet. Yeah, kinda fail but that's life. Okay no more drama. I am not the kind of girl who would shop till I drop. I am just me waiting for good clothes! Hahaha!
Okay my point in here is that sometimes we don’t really get what we want so we should accept it even if it’s painful and heart-breaking. There is always a reason.

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