Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Duh, That was so last year!

"Varsity Jackets are baduy already. Varsity Jackets are low class now. Duh, That was so last year!"
Don't you agree? Well, I just quoted them from twitter.
Okay, so let me just wear this jacket. Sadly, lumaos na ang VJs, hindi ko man lang nasusuot. Cry cry! So give me a chance to wear them just inside our house! Hahahaha!

I'm photo-bombing right now. I'm sorry. Can you forgive me? Well, I have time to do my passion and hobby so I decided to come up with this attire for pictorial. Black and black are indeed timeless combination! I decided to pair my attire with this Black and Yellow Varsity Jacket to add flavor!
Anyway, I have a secret. I haven't washed my face but  I decided to let the edit and the make-up pencil do its job.
What do you think my darling?

Yo? Bro? U mad? Huh? Yeah!
Recent Facebook Primary Picture.
Please view my lookbook please?
Thank you for your time and effort dearest readers!
And I hope that this year, you'll love me even more!

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